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If you’re involved in customer service, as an employer whether in an office environment or facilitating high threat operations abroad, you’ll know how important it is to get this vital service absolutely right. But to be successful, whether it’s in the private sector as a customer service representative or serving a client as a private military contractor, it’s vital your employees have the right training.

Trojan Training was founded to provide nationally recognised training for the service industry. From performance improving conflict management courses, to the physical intervention and firearm related packages, Trojan Training provide the training and experience led contextual based courses, to enable employees and operators to carry out their duties safely and effectively. Our significant experience within law enforcement and the military underpinned by civilian training qualifications enable us to take a unique perspective on your needs, and provide bespoke packages and assessments designed to suit your business. It’s our experience and years of service that make us different to the rest.

For the last 6 years the Trojan Training Directors have been working with employers, Government agencies and awarding bodies within the skills system to better equip workforces with the right skills now and for the future.

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Wayne delivered a professional and detailed training course for all my staff here at MoCo, ranging from Customer Service to Management level 3 NVQ. On every occasion, he attended our business he made all the staff feel at ease whilst clearly leading them through the desired modules to achieving the NVQ qualifications and business confidence.

Wayne’s knowledge and understanding of business is a clear benefit to any company wishing to be trained and mentored through this type of qualification.

Thanks again for all your support Wayne.

Phil Long

Partner Solutions Manager, MoCo Communications Ltd

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