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Conflict Management

This course is recommended for all employees who have to face potential risks to their personal safety from customers or service users.

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1 Day

Aims and course overview:

The Trojan Training course raises understanding of the background and potential risks associated with dealing with potentially violent people. Employees learn skills to conduct a ‘Dynamic Risk Assessment’ and to manage their own verbal and non-verbal skills in order to avoid flash points and triggers to help you calm confrontations. The Trojan Training  ‘Conflict management’ course can either be tailored to your organisation or delivered as an accredited qualification. Key content includes:

Background to aggressive behaviour

  • Triggers to aggressive behaviour
  • Understanding the mindset of an aggressive person
  • The legislative framework

Assessing vulnerability

  • Stages of escalation
  • How we may inadvertently compromise our own safety
  • Warning signs and symptoms
  • Dynamic Personal Risk Assessment’

Responding to conflict

  • Our natural response to conflict – fight, flight or freeze
  • The Behaviour Cycle
  • Red Rag’ words and phrases
  • Signalling non-aggression through body language
  • Acknowledging and responding to strong emotions

Managing confrontation

  • Managing unpredictability (drugs, alcohol, mental illness, etc.)
  • Saying ‘No’ effectively
  • Managing verbal and non-verbal communication
  • Handling abusive behaviour
  • Exiting a situation
  • Reporting incidents and near misses

Trojan Training objectives and Conflict Management Training Course Benefits:

By the end of the ‘Conflict Management’  course participants will be better able to:

  • Identify why people get angry and aggressive and avoid triggers
  • Recognise different stages of conflict escalation
  • Undertake a ‘Personal Safety Risk Assessment’
  • Manage the safety risks they face
  • Understand how they respond to anger and aggression
  • Demonstrate skills they can use to calm a situation

Course Duration: 
This Trojan Training ‘Conflict Management Training Course’ is run over a full day from 0930 to 1600 hrs broken down into roughly 6 40 minute periods.

Prices dependent on the number of delegates anywhere in the UK.

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