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Urban Survival and Response to critical incidents and contingency planning

Are your staff trained to react to an imminent or occurring threat? Have you considered where the safest place in your premises is for your team to go to in the instance of a critical incident? Do have you the resources available to be able to prevent further incident and treat injuries in a high threat or critical incident environment?

Our Directors have deployed in the aftermath of terrorist attacks in the UK and abroad and as a result of our knowledge have been commissioned to write contingency planning drills and policies for a leading high street fashion retailer in response to a very real and imminent threat which at the time was very much viewed as when, not if, it will take place.

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1 Day

Aims and course overview:

This course raises understanding of the background and potential risks associated with dealing with potentially violent people during critical incidents such as the recent London attacks. Employees will learn skills to conduct a ‘Dynamic Risk Assessment’ and to manage a critical incident, protect colleagues and customers and limit damage to the business. This course will be tailored to your organisation and key content includes:

  • Historical incidents and the aftermath
  • Casualty triage and management
  • ‘Actions on’ during an incident
  • Post incident procedure

Using our significant knowledge of ‘actions on’ during a critical incident, not only will we conduct an in depth risk assessment taking into account the numerous potential threats you could fall victim to, but be will draw up a bespoke package of suggestions and training  solutions, designed to protect your workforce and just as importantly, your business infrastructure.

Contingency planning and business continuity assessments are very bespoke as the needs of each business vary greatly as do the operating conditions and the customer base but to commission an organisation needs analysis which will result in a contingency planning report and a training needs analysis contact Trojan Training for further information or to initiate the process.

Course Duration: This Trojan Training ‘Conflict Management Training Course’ is run over a full day from 0930 to 1600 hrs broken down into roughly 6 40 minute periods although depending on the nature and size of the business and number of employees requiring training this may have to be delivered over a period of several sessions.  Maximum group size is 10 delegates.

With this course, we recommend you arrange an assessment and presentation so we can discuss your needs and how we can meet them.

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